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Two-day of “Hanami” – Experience the beauty of Japan at famous cherry blossom viewing spots.


Day 1


  1. Rental car (2 hrs)

Four Seasons Bamboo Forest Wakayama Farm


Wakayama Farm is a farm where bamboo has been cultivated with the aim of pesticide-free and organic farming for approximately over 80 years. The 24-hectare bamboo forest on this farm has also been used as the location for various movies and commercials.

In addition to taking a stroll through the bamboo forest,you can pick bamboo shoots in spring,pick berries in the summer and search for chestnuts in the fall.

During the winter season, they light up the bamboo forest on the weekends. You can take for a walk in the bamboo forest and enjoy beautiful illumination.

  1. Rental car (30min)

Utsunomiya Gyōza-kai Kirasse


A gyoza theme park presented by Utsunomiya Gyōza-kai

The restaurant space houses five permanent restaurants and a total of 34 temporary restaurants working in rotation, with 8-10 open on any given day. In addition to an exclusive special dumpling menu, the souvenir corner offers frozen gyoza dumplings from all 35 outlets as well as gyoza-inspired sweets and goodies.

  1. Rental car (30 min)

Ujiie Yuuyuu Park


View Sakurazutsumi Park's vast lawn, streams, ponds.

Sitting at an elevation of 1560 meters, Sakurazutsumi Park features Someiyoshino no Seiki cherry trees which blossom in spring. It’s a scenic viewpoint that even overlooks distant Nikko and the Nasu volcanic belt.

  1. Rental car (5 min)

Ujiie Station Higashiguchi Park Sakura Terrace


A community center for the future

Learn about Sakura city’s tours, events, and travel info.

  1. Rental car (15 min)

Michi-no-Eki Kitsuregawa


A nostalgic “Taisho-roman/Taisho-modern" healing space.

Sakura city is known both for “Ujō Noguchi” retro-styled buildings in the shopping center and the “satoyama” scenery characterized by farms and mountains. In addition to restaurants and farmers’ markets, it’s popular for “Bihada-no-yu” hot springs which are said to beautify the skin.

  1. Rental car

Kitsuregawa Onsen


One of Japan’s three finest hot springs known to promote beautiful skin

Kitsuregawa is a historic castle town and prospered as a post station on the Edo road. The Onsen is located along the rivers running through the town. The light-brown, salty, slightly alkaline water is one of the best in quality containing the three key elements of hot spring water: sulphur, salt and iron. Accessible in about 30 minutes from Utsunomiya, the prefectural capital, this is a popular Onsen for a day visit. You can also stop by the nation’s first roadside station with Onsen facilities inside.

Day 2

  1. Rental car (1hr 10 min)

Mt. Ohira


A small, 341-meter-high mountain. During the cherry blossom viewing season in spring, tea ceremony events are held here. On clear days, visitors to the top of the mountain can see all the way to Tokyo Skytree and the skyscrapers of Shinjuku.

When fog covers the lowlands, the surrounding mountains peak above the mist like islands, leading to the area’s nickname as the “”Matsushima of the land,”” an allusion to a city famous for its many islands.

There’s also a stone monument on the mountain dedicated to Yuzo Yamamoto’s novel, “A Stone by the Roadside.””

  1. Rental car (20 min)

Abuden Miso


Experience the flavor and atmosphere of tradition

What started as an oil shop during the first year of the Edo Tenmei era in 1781 became a specialty miso-making company by the end of the Edo period.
Please try our special Miso Dengaku or try our miso to make your own traditionally-seasoned dishes.

  1. Rental car (5 min)

Tochigi-Edo Cuisine Lunch @Kanahan Inn


Enjoy an Edo-era experience in the streets of “Little-Edo” (Ko-Edo) and taste Tochigi’s Edo cuisine

“Tochigi’s Edo cuisine” comprises original dishes inspired by local dishes and Edo-era recreations based on manuscripts from the Samurai era. Unique innovations elevate the flavors of each ingredient to surprise and delight the modern palate.

  1. Rental car (5 min)

Kuranomachi Yuransen(Tochigi pleasure boat)


Take a nostalgic boat trip beside the traditional storehouses lining the Uzuma River in just 20 minutes!

  1. Rental car (20 min)

Tempyo-no-Oka Park


A park of pristine forest and historic remains

The vast grounds of Tempyo-no-Oka Park consist of pristine forest containing a number of historic sites. A great number of visitors come to the Tempyo flower festival held in mid to late April when the 450 double-flowered cherry trees bloom. Enjoy strolling through the woods and travel back in time with a visit to one or more of the various museums in the park. The “Botchan Bus” departs from in front of the folklore museum for a 15-minute circumnavigation of the park – popular for families and perfect for sightseeing. 

A popular sight is the stone-walled keyhole-shaped ancient tomb of Kunimiyama. Clap your hands under the stairs in the ring-shaped area of the tomb, and hear the echoing sounds of a roaring dragon reverberate back from the large stone above. On the first Sunday of November the Tempyo Imoni Festival is held here serving home-style Imoni soup to 3,000 guests. The soup is made with local produce including dried gourd strips, taro roots and leeks in a huge pot measuring 2.5 metres across. 
  1. Rental car (2hrs 30 min)


Suggested Itineraries