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Tochigi: Where tradition and daring coexist

Mountainous nature and culture with a long history await you. Explore the depths of Japan just a short trip outside of Tokyo.

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About Tochigi

Tochigi Prefecture is located approximately 100 km north of Tokyo. Utsunomiya, its most populous city, can be reached in about one hour by Shinkansen. The northern Nasu and Nikko areas are home to a range of mountains with peaks more than 2,000 meters high, giving way to wide open plains in the south. Each area has its own distinct features, from the Nasu area, one of the premier highland resort areas in Japan, to the Nikko area and its UNESCO World Heritage shrines and temples in the mountains, the central area with Utsunomiya as its transportation hub, thriving traditional crafts in the eastern area, and the southern area, which is nearest to Tokyo and once flourished as a commercial center.

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