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  • Nasu Area

Enjoy a three-day wintery getaway in Tochigi at Snow Resort Nasu


Day 1

Tokyo Station

  1. Tokyo Station → JR Tohoku Shinkansen 「Nasuno」(or via a few 「Yamabiko」 train stops )1 hr 10 min to Nasu Shiobara station → Fixed route bus

Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Stops) Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori


A tourist information centre close to attractions in the Nasu highlands

Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Stops) Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori is located at the foot of Nasu Onsen-kyo. It features a wide variety of facilities including a tourist information centre called “Kanko Koryu Centre”,“Nasutoran”a restaurant,retail shop, and handicrafts gallery among other facilities. .

Visitors can purchase fresh local vegetables at the shop called “Freainosato Chokubaijo” and local products at the Furusato Bussan Centre. The roadside station also offers hands-on classes,demonstrations and sales of local arts and crafts. The information centre is located at the foot of Mount Nasu and there are many attractions in the neighbourhood including leisure facilities and museums.

  1. Taxi

Cycling Tour of Nasu with the “Ride Experience”


Join this cycling tour of Nasu and enjoy a guided ride through natural surroundings while sampling local delicacies. The Ride Experience offers half-day (three hours in the morning or afternoon) and one-day (5.5 hours) tours suitable for people of all levels throughout the year. Beginners welcome! The fee includes bike hire and some tours include farm experience.

  1. Taxi

Sessho-seki (Killing Stone)


A mysterious legendary rock in a desolate scenic spot

Sessho-seki is a huge lava rock on the slope of Mount Nasu near Nasu Yumoto Onsen.
According to literature from the Muromachi period (室町時代) (1336-1573), a fox with nine tails disguised itself as a beautiful woman and tried to kill the Emperor Toba. After fleeing to Nasu, the demon vixen was vanquished and turned into a stone. The stone was named “Sessho-seki ” (Killing Stone) because many creatures died from the poisonous air it emitted.This place has been designated a National Place of Scenic Beauty.

  1. Taxi

Nasu Onsen

  • Time Required: Stay one night in Nasu

A land with a long and rich history.

Nasu Onsen-kyo is a spread out hot spring resort on the slopes of Mt. Nasudake,the main peak of the Nasu mountains. The origin of the Onsen-kyo is “Shikanoyu” discovered in the 7th century.The “Shikanoyu(deer spring)” was named after locals witnessed an injured deer completely heal after jumping into the steaming pool. It’s been renowned for its healing powers ever since.

Historic visitors include Yoritomo Minamoto,a great samurai of 12th century,and Basho Matsuo,a famous poet of 17th century. Onsen styles vary from modern hotels in the highland to traditional wooden baths where you can try bathing in more than one spot to feel the difference.

Day 2

  1. Depart from the hotel by Nasu-Kogen sightseeing bus, fixed-route bus, taxi, private shuttle bus, etc.

Nasu Kogen Minamigaoka Farm


Enjoy the fresh air and activities on offer at this highland farm!

Nasu Kogen Minamigaoka Farm is situated in the highlands 700 metres above sea level at the foot of Mount Nasu. The farm has maintained its natural landscape since its foundation. There are a wide range of activities on offer such as horse riding, butter making, archery and miniature golf. Visitors can enjoy fresh milk, dairy products and processed foods with a magnificent view of the Nasunogahara fields.

  1. Walk (15min) → 13-min bus from Ikkenjaya bus stop. → Okashinoshiro bus stop.

Nasu Kogen Ichigo no Mori Strawberry Picking Farm


Pick new varieties of strawberries at a strawberry farm.

Enjoy 30 minutes of unlimited strawberry picking between December and May. These juicy strawberries are nourished with gentle sunlight and delicious water from Mt. Nasu. Pre-packaged strawberries are also available at “Okashi no Shiro” (The Sweets Castle).

  1. Nasu-Kogen Sightseeing Buses or Fixed-route buses

Lunch at Nasu

  1. Arrive at Nasu Kogen Yuainomori Rest Area by Nasu-Kogen sightseeing tour bus or fixed-route bus → Private shuttle bus (Reservation required)

Nasu Outback Tours(Snowshoeing)


To all winter sports lovers

Enjoy Nasu’s snowy peaks under the guidance of local experts. The gradual slope provides even first-time snowshoers with a safe, enjoyable experience. Private shuttle buses are available.
(Please make reservations via our website)

  1. Private shuttle bus (Reservation required) to Nasu Highland Yuainomori. → Depart for the hotel by Nasu-Kogen sightseeing bus, taxi, or private shuttle bus

Shiobara Onsen-kyo


Take a relaxing walk beside a mountain stream

A historic Onsen town visited by many great Japanese writers, this unique Onsen-kyo boasts thermal spring water with a range of qualities and benefits. Select a hot spring depending on your physical condition or mood. There are also various nature trails along the mountain stream. Popular both as a summer resort and when the autumn leaves on display, why not take a stroll around the town with the local specialty “To-te-yaki” (something like a thick crepe) in hand?

Day 3

  1. Taxi

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

  • Time Required: 45minutes

Ski or snowboard just one-and-a-half hours from Tokyo!

A popular ski and snowboard resort with great accessibility from Tokyo. Well-equipped to cater for all levels, the resort boasts 12 trails including a full-scale 3km downhill, a half pipe and a slalom trail for the advanced, plus trails for beginners and children and a child-friendly area for sleighs and snow play.
The resort also offers seasonal delights such as slopes of lilies in summer and coloured leaves in autumn that can each be viewed from the ropeway.
※Yuri Park (Lily Park) business operations will be closed for 2021.

  1. Taxi →Shiobara Onsen bus terminal→Fixed route bus →Nishinasuno Station or Nasu Shiobara Station. → JR Utsunomiya Line (5 min) → Kuroiso Station → 15-min walk

Kuroiso Street Stroll


A great spot for a stroll

Find fabulous goodies in a popular fashion district that is home to famous cafes, flower shops, jewelry and accessories shops, knitting shops, leather studios, and more.

  1. Walk (15min) → Kuroiso Station → JR Utsunomiya Line (5 min) → Nasu Shiobara Station. → JR Tohoku Shinkansen 「Nasuno」(or via select 「Yamabiko」-bound trains)1 hr 10 min to → Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station

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