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Nasu Onsen

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A land with a long and rich history and a scent of sulphur

Nasu Onsen-kyo are scattered all over the foot of Mt. Chausu, the main peak of the Nasu mountains. The origin of the Onsen-kyo is “Shikanoyu” discovered in the 7th century. The name “Shikanoyu” (deer’s bath) is derived from a legend that an injured deer soaked in the Onsen and healed her wound, and has referred to a therapeutic Onsen ever since. Historic visitors include Yoritomo Minamoto, a great samurai of 12th century, and Basho Matsuo, a famous poet of 17th century. Onsen styles vary from modern hotels in the highland to traditional wooden baths where you can see “Yumomi” (stirring very hot water with long wooden boards to cool it down).

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Address Oaza-Yumoto,Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0287-76-2619
Map Code 203 330 253*27

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Nasu Area

The Nasu area, in the northeastern part of the prefecture, is famous for the imperial villa located there, and is one of Japan’s premier resort areas with its expansive highlands. The climate has allowed the development of a thriving dairy industry, and while there, you can visit a dairy farm that is open to tourists and offers delicious sweets made from milk, such as soft-serve ice cream and cheesecake. There are also many family-friendly facilities like Safari Park, amusement parks, and hot spring facilities like Shiobara Onsen.