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  • Suggested Itineraries
  • Nasu Area

Three-day Enjoy outdoor sports, and hot springs among the natural splendor of Tochigi


Day 1


  1. Rental car (3 hrs)


  1. Rental car (10 min)

Shiobara Ravine Canoe Excursion and Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) 「Spes」


Enjoy the wonder and excitement of a pristine water expedition. The beautiful scenery of the Shiobara ravine transforms with each season.

Waterfalls, cliffs, a picturesque suspension bridge — Shiobara’s fresh, green scenic beauty between April and June looks completely different when full of autumn leaves during October and November. Surround yourself with its natural wonder on a beginner- and kid-friendly canoe excursion along a still river.
(Please make reservations via our website)

  1. Rental car

Stay in Nasushiobara


Day 2

  1. Rental car (10 min)

Guided tour of “Moora Beat”


Tours in nature for every season

Itamuro Onsen is a hot spring that overlooks natural beauty from deep in the mountains.
We offer a guided walking tour to the freshest areas every season so that our guests can enjoy Itamuro Onsen surroundings’ wonderful scenic beauty at any time of year.
(Please make reservations via our website)

  1. Rental car

Senbonmatsu Ranch


Enjoy a day out at this extensive ranch theme park!

This vast ranch-theme park is set in some fantastic natural surroundings and has a range of activities and free admission and parking. The ranch offers fruit picking including strawberries and blueberries, hot-air balloon rides and family-friendly attractions such as horse riding, mini-golf and cycling. With barbecue facilities and a relaxing Onsen there are plenty of attractions for a great day out!

  1. Rental car (10 min)

Nasu Garden Outlet

  • Time Required: 1.5 hours

A relaxed shopping heaven surrounded by beautiful nature

An outlet shopping centre showcasing fashion, sports & outdoors and lifestyle brands. Food courts, cafés and restaurants are on hand for when you need a break. Expanded in the summer of 2012, the mall houses 148 stores. Situated near the IC, the free shuttle bus runs a regular service between Nasu-Shiobara station and the shopping centre. The mall turns magical with the festive lights and decorations during the winter.

  1. Rental car

Nasu Onsen

  • Time Required: Stay one night in Nasu

A land with a long and rich history.

Nasu Onsen-kyo is a spread out hot spring resort on the slopes of Mt. Nasudake,the main peak of the Nasu mountains. The origin of the Onsen-kyo is “Shikanoyu” discovered in the 7th century.The “Shikanoyu(deer spring)” was named after locals witnessed an injured deer completely heal after jumping into the steaming pool. It’s been renowned for its healing powers ever since.

Historic visitors include Yoritomo Minamoto,a great samurai of 12th century,and Basho Matsuo,a famous poet of 17th century. Onsen styles vary from modern hotels in the highland to traditional wooden baths where you can try bathing in more than one spot to feel the difference.

Day 3

  1. Rental car

Yamanoeki Takahara


Infinite ways to play! Mountain Station Takahara is the starting point for playing in the mountains or visiting waterfalls.

The Mountain Station Takahara facility is located in an excellent spot to start exploring Happogahara and Mt. Takahara. It is visited by a wide variety of people, including those who have come to do serious mountain hiking, those who enjoy casual nature walks, and those who have come to visit the nearby mystical waterfall, Oshiraji Falls.
Visitors can also use the facility as a hub for enjoying seasonal activities thoughout the year, such as strolling through the azaleas in the spring, visiting waterfalls in the summer, viewing autumn foliage in the autumn, and snowshoe hiking in the winter.
The facility’s restaurant offers Yaita’s local specialty, “apple curry” and ever-popular soft-serve ice cream. From late April to mid-November, visitors can enjoy Oshiraji ramen and Oshiraji soft-serve ice cream themed on the clear blue of the Oshiraji Falls, made with local Yaita City ingredients and local specialty products.
The campsite, which celebrated its grand opening in 2023, is located at an altitude of 1,049m, where the air is clear all year round. On clear days, visitors can enjoy camping under the starry sky with Milky Way.

  1. Rental Car 2 minutes

Oshiraji Falls


A rarely seen natural optical illusion

Oshiraji Falls are known as the “falls of illusion”. Oshiraji is the term for unbaked white ceramics. From the tourist information centre “Yama-no-Eki Takahara”, drive 5 minutes in the direction of Nasu-Shiobara and then take the footpath for another 5 minutes. You will find a crystal clear blue pool created by the falls. The view is a breath-taking harmonisation of the mysterious blue of the water in combination with the green mountains and sunlight filtering down through the trees. Come here in the wet season for a splendid view of the waterfall. 

Please note that mobile phone service can be limited in the area. 
The ground can be slippery in some places, please wear appropriate shoes.
  1. Rental Car 40 minutes

Yaitaonnsenn Makotonoyu


The hot spring boasts top quality and abundance of hot water that makes you want to go back again and again.

Yaita Onsen Makoto-no-Yu is a hot spring with abundance of top quality water flowing straight from the hot spring source. Every minute, approximately 370L of hot spring water gushes from 1,300m underground at a temperature of around 64℃. In addition to the selection of indoor and spacious outdoor baths, there is also a footbath, a restaurant, a cafe, barbecue facilities, and even a spot where you can make “onsen tamago”, eggs boiled using hot spring water.
The villas and newly opened mountain glamping facilities are the perfect place to escape the hectic fray of city life and relax in comfort while unwinding from the stresses of day-to-day life.

  1. Rental Car 2 hours


Suggested Itineraries