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Yamanoeki Takahara

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Infinite ways to play! Mountain Station Takahara is the starting point for playing in the mountains or visiting waterfalls.

The Mountain Station Takahara facility is located in an excellent spot to start exploring Happogahara and Mt. Takahara. It is visited by a wide variety of people, including those who have come to do serious mountain hiking, those who enjoy casual nature walks, and those who have come to visit the nearby mystical waterfall, Oshiraji Falls.
Visitors can also use the facility as a hub for enjoying seasonal activities thoughout the year, such as strolling through the azaleas in the spring, visiting waterfalls in the summer, viewing autumn foliage in the autumn, and snowshoe hiking in the winter.
The facility’s restaurant offers Yaita’s local specialty, “apple curry” and ever-popular soft-serve ice cream. From late April to mid-November, visitors can enjoy Oshiraji ramen and Oshiraji soft-serve ice cream themed on the clear blue of the Oshiraji Falls, made with local Yaita City ingredients and local specialty products.
The campsite, which celebrated its grand opening in 2023, is located at an altitude of 1,049m, where the air is clear all year round. On clear days, visitors can enjoy camping under the starry sky with Milky Way.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 991-3 Shimoisano, Yaita City, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0287-43-1515
Website https://yamanoekitakahara.com/
Business Hours 9:00 am 〜4:00 pm(Dec - Mar), 10:00 am 〜3:00 pm
Days Closed for Business Wednesday (April-November),December to March Business days( Fridays・ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only),Closed during year-end and New Year holidays
About 40 minutes from Yaita IC of Tohoku Expressway
About 30 minutes from Yaita Kita Smart IC
Map Code 315 880 428*61

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