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A Popular Summer Getaway to refresh the Mind (2-Day Trip)

Get away from Tokyo and enjoy nature's bounties all year round at Nasu Plateau.
If you love to be embraced by nature, this is the place to be!


Day 1

Tokyo Station

Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Stops) Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori


A tourist information centre close to attractions in the Nasu highlands

Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Stops) Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori is located at the foot of Nasu Onsen-kyo. It features a wide variety of facilities including a tourist information centre called “Kanko Koryu Centre”,“Nasutoran”a restaurant,retail shop, and handicrafts gallery among other facilities. .

Visitors can purchase fresh local vegetables at the shop called “Freainosato Chokubaijo” and local products at the Furusato Bussan Centre. The roadside station also offers hands-on classes,demonstrations and sales of local arts and crafts. The information centre is located at the foot of Mount Nasu and there are many attractions in the neighbourhood including leisure facilities and museums.

Okashi-no-Shiro Nasu Heartland

  • Time Required: 1 hour

Take a look at the process of making one of Tochigi’s specialty sweets “Goyotei-no-Tsuki”!

Okashi-no-Shiro Nasu Heartland is a sweets factory that produces a variety of baked sweets, cakes and crème caramels, along with the famous local speciality “Goyotei-no-Tsuki”. These are made with special local eggs known as “Nasu Goyoran”. The eggs are very sweet and rich in flavour and contain as little as 5 to 10-percent cholesterol.

The Japanese sweets (Wagashi) here are made with locally grown glutinous rice. Visitors can watch the sweet-making process up close through the factory’s glass windows.

  1. ↓ JR Tohoku Shinkansen Nasuno 255
  2. Nasu Shiobara Station
  3. ↓ Shuttle Bus (reservation required)

Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch

  • Time Required: 4hours

Enjoy a Day Out in the Family Friendly Leisure Park!

A leisure facility covers 300,000 square metres surrounded by abundant nature around a lake. The interactive farm especially delight children through the experiences such as feeding lovely animals, riding horses and milking cows by hands. Other popular attractions are pleasure boats viewing Nasu mountain ranges and park itself from the lake, the Swiss railway running alongside the lake and the nation’s longest “Zip Line” where you zip along a wire over the lake. Refresh yourself with ice creams and daily products made with Jersey milk for a break!


  • Time Required: Stay one night in Nasu
You can find accommodations on the websites below.

Day 2

Mt. Jeans Nasu

  • Time Required: 2 hours

Enjoy the Gondola ropeway throughout the year!

The ski resort is known for its gondola ropeway providing superb views of the Nasu Mountains in every season. The fields are filled with daffodils and azaleas in spring, gentians in autumn and about 30,000 white azaleas (Rhododendron quinquefolium) growing in clumps during mid-May to early June, the largest collection in the country. The mountains’ autumn foliage is an incredible spectacle. For those who like to take a closer look at the flora of these mountains, well-maintained walking trails are the perfect option!

  1. ↓ 40 mins.
  2. by taxi Nasu Shiobara Station
  3. ↓ Shuttle Bus

Nasu Garden Outlet

  • Time Required: 1.5 hours

A relaxed shopping heaven surrounded by beautiful nature

An outlet shopping centre showcasing fashion, sports & outdoors and lifestyle brands. Food courts, cafés and restaurants are on hand for when you need a break. Expanded in the summer of 2012, the mall houses 148 stores. Situated near the IC, the free shuttle bus runs a regular service between Nasu-Shiobara station and the shopping centre. The mall turns magical with the festive lights and decorations during the winter.

  1. ↓ Shuttle Bus
  2. Nasu Shiobara Station
  3. ↓ JR Tohoku Shinkansen Nasuno282

Tokyo Station

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