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Two-day winter special! Experience the Kamakura Matsuri festival and strawberry picking.


Day 1

Asakusa Station

  1. Asakusa Station → 2-hr ride by "Limited express kinu/Liberty Kinu/Liberty Kairitsu" trains. → Kinugawaonsen Station → Yagan-Tetsudo-Kinugawa line/ Tobu-Kinugawa Line (20-min ride) → Yunishigawaonsen Station → Fixed-route bus (20 min)

Mizunosato Tourist Center(Sightseeing, lunch)


Yunishigawa's newest hotspot

This recently-opened facility boasts everything Yunishigawa has to offer — an open-air bath fed with free-flowing spring water, unforgettable food, and great souvenir shops. Enjoy an extensive menu including Yunishigawa specialties such as handmade soba and other local dishes.

  1. Fixed-route bus (5 min)

Heike No Sato


The legendary land of Fleeing Heike Ochiudo warriors

A village of old, traditional Japanese thatched-roofed houses was relocated and reconstructed in order to preserve Heike Ochiudo culture for future generations. In this area, the “Heike mounds” where Fleeing Heike Ochiudo warriors buried their weapons and treasures can be seen. And, of course, there are plenty of local dishes to enjoy.

  1. Promptly walk

Yunishikawa-onsen KAMAKURA Snow House Festival

  • Time Required: 2 hours

Enjoy fantastic evenings in this illuminated snow-filled Onsen town.

This feature festival of Yunishikawa Onsen is held from late January to early March every year. Hundreds of small snow houses (mini-kamakura) are built and lighted up by candle lights. During the day enjoy sleighing or a barbeque in the snow house (by appointment only). This illuminated snow-filled town is simply mesmerising.

  1. Fixed-route bus

Yunishikawa Onsen


The Onsen in a mountain village is said to be a place behind a legend of Heike warriors

Legend has it that Samurai refugees found these spring waters and settled down in the village to heal their wounds. Today a row of inns and local houses are located along the valley. In addition to the abundant hot spring water, you can also enjoy seasonal local cuisine served around a fireplace (irori), including simply grilled wild ingredients such as freshwater fish, Sansai (wild vegetables), venison, bear and other delicacies. Miso paste grilled on a spatula is also a local specialty. If you visit here in the winter, do not miss the fantastic “Yunishikawa-onsen KAMAKURA Snow House Festival” from late January to early March. About 800 small snow houses are illuminated from inside candles.

Day 2

  1. Fixed-route bus → Yunishigawaonsen Station → Yagan-Tetsudo-Kinugawa line/Tobu-Kinugawa Line (20-min ride) → Kinugawaonsen Station → Fixed-route bus (20 min)

Tobu World Square


A miniature theme park of World Heritage and other notable buildings

This theme park exhibits precise replicas of 102 historic sites and buildings from around the world in 1:25 scale. These include the Sphinx, the Great Wall of China, the Parthenon, the Sagrada Familia and the White House. The Parthenon’s genuine marble powder and the correct number of stairs on the Pyramids reflect the professionalism of the creators involved. There are stunning engravings, detail and stained glass decorations and even gardens with over 20,000 real bonsai trees that change with the seasons.
  1. Fixed-route bus (5 min)

Nikko Hanaichimonme

This botanical garden is one of the largest north of the Kanto area. Its more than 13,000 square meter grounds blossom all year long with flowers representing around 600 varieties in some 8,000 planters.

The garden also has a restaurant offering items such as its original begonia soft-serve ice cream. The flower-covered walls and ceilings of the restaurant create a space that has captured the imaginations of many of the park's visitors.

■Strawberry picking

  Adult(Elementary School Students~) 4-6 years of age 
mid-Dec. 〜Mar. 1,700yen 1,200 yen
4/1〜5/6 1,600 yen 1,100 yen
5/7〜early June 1,500 yen 1,000 yen
  1. Fixed-route bus (15 min)→ Kinugawaonsen Station → 2-hr ride by "Limited express kinu/Liberty Kinu/Liberty Kairitsu" trains. → Asakusa Station

Asakusa Station

Suggested Itineraries