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Clear Spring Day Course Experienced with Flowers

You can see beautiful flowers and go strawberry picking. This is a course to fully take in the spring in Tochigi.


Day 1

Ichikai-machi Shibazakura Park

  • Time Required: 45 minutes

A panoramic view of the Shibazakura flower carpet

One of the largest in mainland Japan, the park is known for its 250,000 beautiful Shibazakura in bloom from mid-April to May, covering an area of 2.4 hectares. A must-see is the panoramic view of the floral carpet from the observatory, where various shades of red, white, mauve and pink lawn cherry blossoms form beautiful patterns. You can taste handmade soba noodles at the restaurant in the park. Local vegetables and Shibazakura plants are available at the farmer’s market.

  1. 85-minute drive

Ichigo-no-Sato Farm

  • Time Required: 60 minutes

Pick your own fruit at this family-friendly farm!

From December to May enjoy picking your own fully ripened Tochiotome strawberries here at Ichigo-no-Sato Farm. Besides strawberries, the farm offers a variety of other fruits such as cherries, grapes and blueberries depending on the season. There are cafes, an Italian buffet restaurant and shops providing a wide range of products made with freshly picked fruits. Seasonal events are held at the studio such as cake baking classes and jam making workshops.

Ichigo-no-Sato Farm is a grower of “Tochihime” strawberries, a variety only grown and consumed in Tochigi. The large fruit of the “Tochihime” is softer and sweeter than that of the “Tochiotome” variety. Come and sample “Tochihime” and compare the two tastes! The farm’s excellent value Pick-Your-Own and meal offers are popular for families and for group days out including breakfast in the morning or dinner in the evening.

  1. 45-minute drive

Ashikaga Flower Park

  • Time Required: 60 minutes

A breathtaking array of hanging wisterias and an exquisite flower garden for all four seasons.

This flower garden creates a full sense of the season and magnificence of nature with a wide range of plants and trees. The highlight of the park is the massive Japanese wisteria trellises in bloom from late April to mid-May. You will be totally stunned by four large wisteria vines and 80-metre tunnel of white wisterias,designated as a prefectural natural treasure. In the evening the illuminated wisterias bring dream-like scenes. The park also draws large crowds during the fall and winter months,when the “Bejeweled Flower Garden” is held. It is one of the Kanto area’s top three annual illumination events. The garden welcomes over a million tourists throughout the year.

Location Map

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