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View Fall Leaves to Enjoy the Nature of Shiobara at a Relaxed Pace

This is a trip around famous fall leaf spots. Please also enjoy a horse-drawn coach ride and local food in a hot spring district.


Day 1

Momiji-dani Otsuribashi (Suspension Bridge)

  • Time Required: 30 minutes

A pedestrian suspension bridge with beautiful views during four distinct seasons

With a length of 320 metres, this is the largest pier-less suspension bridge in Japan. Magnificent views of the Shiobara valley can be seen from the bridge. In autumn, the bridge commands enchanting views of the foliage reflected on the lake. Officially listed as a “Sacred Place for Lovers”, this is a romantic location perfect for marriage proposals.

  1. 5-minute drive

The Mikaeri Suspension Bridge and Mikaeri Falls

  • Time Required: 20 minutes

Built in 1987, Mikaeri Suspension Bridge stretches 100 metres across and 30 metres over Shiobara Gorge. The bridge is known as the starting point of the Shiobara Gorge walking trail and has a charm unique from the magnificent neighbouring Momijidani Suspension Bridge. Cross the Mikaeri Suspension Bridge and walk a further 10 metres to the observation deck for incredible views of Mikaeri Falls.

Tote Basha (Horse-Drawn Carriage)

  • Time Required: 30minutes

Enjoy a clip-clop carriage ride through an Onsen town!

Take a nostalgic ride on a Tote Basha (horse-drawn carriage) through Shiobara Onsen town! A 40-minute leisurely journey shows you around the sights of Shiobara. The service is available with a capacity of 12 persons per carriage from April to November. Tickets can be purchased at the Shiobara Onsen Kanko Tote Basha Owaki-ten.


  • Time Required: 30 minutes

You can eat the local food of Shiobara Onsen while walking around. It looks like a crepe, but it is made of a dough that is closer to that of a castella sponge cake.

  1. 5-minute drive

Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)

  • Time Required: Stay one night in Nikko
You can find accommodations on the websites below.

Day 2

  1. 30-minute drive

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

  • Time Required: 45minutes

Ski or snowboard just one-and-a-half hours from Tokyo!

A popular ski and snowboard resort with great accessibility from Tokyo. Well-equipped to cater for all levels, the resort boasts 12 trails including a full-scale 3km downhill, a half pipe and a slalom trail for the advanced, plus trails for beginners and children and a child-friendly area for sleighs and snow play.
The resort also offers seasonal delights such as slopes of lilies in summer and coloured leaves in autumn that can each be viewed from the ropeway.
※Yuri Park (Lily Park) business operations will be closed for 2021.

Location Map

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