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Onsen and Theme Parks for the Family! (2-Day Trip)

Two hours from Tokyo is Kinugawa, historically renowned for onsen, theme parks and beautiful natural scenery.
Highly recommended for tourists of all ages.


Day 1

Asakusa Station

Ryuokyo Gorge


A dynamic scenic beauty of richly varied rocks

Volcanic rocks, having been eroded by the flow of the Kinugawa River, produce a dynamic vista resembling a dragon wriggling around. You can see this 3-kilometre vista between Kawaji Onsen and Kinugawa Onsen. Many tourists come to see the stunning autumn leaves from late October to early November. The 7-kilometre nature trail leading to Kawaji Onsen is highly recommended for a nice walk.
  1. ↓ Tobu Limited Express Kinu 109
  2. Kinugawa Onsen Station
  3. ↓ 5 min. on foot

Kinugawa River Boat Tour

  • Time Required: 1 hour

See incredible seasonal scenery from on board a traditional wooden boat!

A feature attraction of the Kinugawa River is the river cruises always popular with tourists. Glide along the river and enjoy the incredibly scenic valley. Depending on the season the 40-minute boat ride is a fun way to explore the memorable scenery of wild cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring, sounds of kingfishers and ayu fish swimming in summer or the red leaves of autumn.

Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)

  • Time Required: Stay one night in Kinugawa

You can find accommodations on the websites below.

Day 2

  1. Kinugawa Onsen Station
  2. ↓15 min. by bus

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

  • Time Required: 6 hours

Travel back to the Edo period and experience their life and culture!

Edo is the former name of Tokyo used until the late 19th century. This theme park authentically recreates town life in the Edo period. The huge village consists of rows of merchant houses, a samurai mansion, a Ninja village and much more. The culture of the Edo period comes alive through the townspeople and events, you can even put on a costume and join in yourself! The cultural park offers a real experience of the life and culture of the Edo period via their seven theatres, museums on history and culture and even Edo-style restaurants.

  1. Kinugawa Onsen Station
  2. ↓Tobu Limited Express Kinu 134

Asakusa Station

Location Map

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