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Yokoyama Pottery Experience

This facility is designed for visitors to try making Mashiko ware pottery. Besides a full-fledged course using a potter’s wheel, there is also a course where even small children can make an original piece like no other in the world with their own hands.

On the second floor, there is a café restaurant which serves its fare in Mashiko ware. Take some time out after the class with lunch or sweets.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 3527-7 Mashiko, mashikomachi, Hagagun, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0285-72-9211
Website https://tougei.net/
Business Hours 9:00-17:00 (Reception until 15:00)
Days Closed for Business Monday (The next day for public holidays), 4th Tuesday
Map Code 39 207 506*54

Eastern Area

The eastern area is famous for its abundant flowers and traditional Mashiko pottery. Seasonal charms welcome tourists throughout the year with flowers such as cherry blossoms and wisterias in spring and some of the nation’s most beautiful autumn foliage.

Seasons in Tochigi