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Koundo Main Store

Although officially founded in 1868, the name of this venerable confectionary shop can be found in documents from the late Edo period. Its most famous offering is its Koin Monaka.

These monaka (bean jam-filled wafer cakes) feature a motif inspired by the ancient official seals (Koin) of the Ashikaga Clan. Other popular items include its Koin Senbei (rice crackers), Takauji Senbei and Takauji (Dorayaki, bean jam filled pancake) , the latter of which was inspired by the character of the Ashikaga Takauji, the first Ashikaga shogun.

Another popular item is their Monaka Gokko, which allows you to enjoy the classic flavor of monaka in a casual "make it yourself" style.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 4-2570 Tori, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0284-21-4964
Website http://koundohonten.jp/
Business Hours 9:00-19:00
Map Code 34 623 084*57

Southern Area

This area boasts evocative historical buildings and townscapes, such as the Ashikaga School, known for being the oldest school in Japan, and Kura no Machi, a district where buildings from the mid-19th century, a time when the area prospered as a commercial district, still stand. At Ashikaga Flower Park, you can see 350 blooming wisteria flowers, flowing downward from above, creating a world of enchantment.

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