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Play and Eat for an Active Winter!

This is a trip that allows you to fully take in winter by enjoying skiing at Mt. Jeans Nasu and stuffing your mouth with seasonal strawberries.


Day 1

Mt. Jeans Nasu

  • Time Required: 2 hours

Enjoy the Gondola ropeway throughout the year!

The ski resort is known for its gondola ropeway providing superb views of the Nasu Mountains in every season. The fields are filled with daffodils and azaleas in spring, gentians in autumn and about 30,000 white azaleas (Rhododendron quinquefolium) growing in clumps during mid-May to early June, the largest collection in the country. The mountains’ autumn foliage is an incredible spectacle. For those who like to take a closer look at the flora of these mountains, well-maintained walking trails are the perfect option!

  1. 30-minute drive

Okashi-no-Shiro Nasu Heartland

  • Time Required: 1 hour

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

Tochigi is Japan’s largest producer of strawberries. The prefecture has the perfect environment for fresh and sweet strawberries, blessed with abundant sunshine, clear spring water, fertile land and an inland climate with a large difference between high and low temperatures. Strawberry picking is a popular leisure in strawberry farms across the prefecture. Starting with “Tochiotome”, the nation’s superstar brand of strawberry, come and sample some of the many varieties available, some of which are only grown in the prefecture. “Skyberry”, the brand-new premium variety created as a successor of “Tochiotome”, is increasingly popular. The perfect flavours and amazingly large-fruit are utterly delicious!

  1. 5-minute drive

Cheese Garden Nasu Honten

  • Time Required: 40 minutes

Don’t miss the exquisite Goyotei cheesecake!

Cheese Garden Nasu Honten offers a wide variety of sweets, cheese, tea and local groceries, along with their famous “Goyotei Cheesecake”. The café serves drinks, cakes and sandwiches. If you have more time, the restaurant “Shirasagi-tei” is a relaxing space to enjoy fine dining along with music and a garden with a small stream running through. Dogs are welcome on the terrace.

Location Map

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