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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

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Tochigi -the kingdom of strawberries!

Tochigi is Japan’s largest producer of strawberries. The prefecture has the perfect environment for fresh and sweet strawberries, blessed with abundant sunshine, clear spring water, fertile land and an inland climate with a large difference between high and low temperatures. Strawberry picking is a popular leisure in strawberry farms across the prefecture. Starting with “Tochiotome”, the nation’s superstar brand of strawberry, come and sample some of the many varieties available, some of which are only grown in the prefecture. “Skyberry”, the brand-new premium variety created as a successor of “Tochiotome”, is increasingly popular. The perfect flavours and amazingly large-fruit are utterly delicious!

Basic Information

Address various farms in Tochigi
Telephone Number 028-623-3213
Website http://www.agrinet.pref.tochigi.lg.jp/strawberry-kingdom-tochigi/