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Morito Syuzou

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Sake made with local rice, local water, and the love of the local people

Founded in 1874, this brewery has been making delicious, quality-driven sake for over 140 years. Morito Brewery is a traditional sake brewery that places high value on the rice grown in-house in the vast rice plantations surrounding the brewery, the Shojinzawa water which has been chosen as one of Japan’s top 100 water sources, and the handiwork of the local Toji brew master, ensuring the preservation of the traditional taste of their sake. The brewery offers a variety of sake flavors including their original sake made with a combination of the hand-produced sake brewing techniques of the past and the best parts of modern sake brewing technology.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 645
Higashi-izumi, Yaita City, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0287-43-0411
Website https://morito-brewery.com/
Business Hours 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
Days Closed for Business January 1st - January 4th
DIRECTIONS By Train / Bus: About 10 minutes by taxi from Yaita Station on JR Utsunomiya Line
By Car: About 15 minutes from Yaita IC on Tohoku Expressway
Map Code 121 305 188*11

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