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Utsunomiya Museum of Art

An art museum in Utsunomiya City. Their collection brings together modern art, posters, and designer furniture that focus on the themes of Art and the Region, Art and Life, and Art and the Environment.

They also display works of art from local Utsunomiya artists. The museum holds special exhibitions and art related workshops as well as nature viewing excursions into Utsunomiya's Cultural Forest.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 1077 Nagaoka-cho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi
Telephone Number 028-643-0100
Website http://u-moa.jp/etc/english.html
Business Hours 9:30 - 17:00 [last admission at 16:30]
Days Closed for Business [except national holidays], days after national holidays [except Saturdays, Sundays and double holidays], year’s end and beginning, periods during exhibition change and facility maintenance.
Price 〔Adults〕310円(250円)〔University,College and High School Students〕 210円(160円)〔Junior High and Elementary School Students〕 100円(80円)※Tax is included in the above.Group visits are available at reduced rates for a minimum of 20 people.Special exhibition ticket includes permanent collection admission.Admission is free for the following cases:*High/junior high/elementary school students living or attending to schools in Utsunomiya.*Citizens of Utsunomiya on April 1st[ Utsunomiya Citizen’s Day] and November 3rd [National Culture Day].*High/junior high/elementary school students of family visits on every 3rd Sundays [Utsunomiya Family’s Day]. Admission for adults and university/college students of same family is reduced to half price.*Visitors with disabilities and one caregiver. Please show your public certificates at the reception.
Map Code 39 660 397*41

Central Area

Utsunomiya, the most populous city in Tochigi, is about an hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen, and serves as a major transportation hub for the different regions of the prefecture. In addition to being known for its famous Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings), Utsunomiya is called the “city of jazz and cocktails”, as there are numerous venues for hearing live jazz music, and the bartenders are quite skilled, so there are plenty of options for enjoyable nightlife.

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