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Tezutsu Hanabi(Hand-held fireworks)

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*Tezutsu Hanabi has been cancelled in 2022.

The “Mashiko Gion Festival” held at Kashima-jinja Shrine every July 23, 24, and 25.

Kicking off the first night of the festival, an impressive rain of sparks falls from tezutsu fireworks shot up to 8 meters into the night sky from a combination of large and small cylindrical tubes.

The handheld fireworks(Tezutsu Hanabi) are said to have originated in Toyohashi city.
Tokugawa Ieyasu, who became the first Shogun of the Edo Period, brought that technology to his home in Mikawa province (current Aichi Prefecture).

At the time gunpowder was strictly forbidden throughout Japan, but the villagers of this region were allowed to use Tezutsu Hanabi as a part of Shinto rituals offering to the gods in exchange for rich harvests, good health, family fortune and prosperity, and good luck in battle.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address Mashiko Town 706-2(Mashiko Pottery cooperative selling center parking lot)
Telephone Number 0285-70-1120(Mashiko Town Tourist Association)
Website http://www.mashiko-kankou.org/english/index.html
Date July 23rd
DIRECTIONS By Train: 25 minute walk from Mashiko Station

By Bus: 70 minutes on Toya Bus towards Mashiko (leaving from JR Utsunomiya Station), alight at Sayadokami.

By Highway bus: 2h30min on Kanto Yakimono Liner (From Akihabara Station), alight at Togei Messe Iriguchi(Ceramic Art Messe)
Map Code 39 178 334*20

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