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Simple but so delicious! Please try once, Japanese traditional breakfast at long-lasting miso and pickles shop.

Simple yet exquisite deliciousness. At this veteran Nikko store specializing in miso and tamarizuke pickles (vegetables soaked in a miso by-product), you can discover the flavor of a traditional Japanese breakfast.

Inkyo Uwasawa is a restaurant serving traditional Japanese breakfast made with tamarizuke pickles provided by the proprietress of Uwasawa Metaro Store. In a traditional house built over 150 years ago, diners are served a simple breakfast of rice with a plate of tamarizuke pickles and a bowl of miso soup, simple accompaniments which really bring out the delicious flavor of the rice.
Enjoy a moment of relaxation as you savor the food, which is rich without being lavish.

Uwasawa Umetaro Store was established roughly 400 years ago as a warehouse management firm for nengu (literally "annual tribute," a tax on the annual harvest originally paid in rice) for the Nikko Shinryo region. It later became a miso store, and then a pickles store. Savor the flavor passed on through the generations.

*For cancelations, except in circumstances deemed unavoidable by our company, such as closure due to typhoon, heavy rain, heavy snow, or earthquake, or when public transportation to the store is unavailable due to suspension of services, a cancelation fee of 100% shall apply from one week before the date. We appreciate your understanding.

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Basic Information

Address 487, Imaichi, Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
Telephone Number 0288-21-0002
Website https://www.tamarizuke.co.jp/
Business Hours Every Saturday to Monday8:30am - 2:00pm *Last order 0:30pm
Days Closed for Business Every Tuesday to Friday
Price ・UWASAWA'S BREAKFAST ¥3300   *Reservation required (by Phone, Fax, Email) Rice, Miso soup, Pickles and Five side dishes・TODAY DAILY MEAL ¥1100 Rice, Miso soup and Pickles・TEA and CONFECTIONERY ¥1100 Japanese Green Tea and Japanese SweetsAll menus are V.A.T. included
Map Code 132 787 494*57

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Nikko Area

The Nikko area, in the northwestern part of the prefecture, is particularly mountainous. In the midst of the rich nature, including the 2,486-meter-high volcano Mt. Nantai, Lake Chuzenji, and Kegon Falls, there are numerous shrines and temples that are registered as UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites. From Kinugawa Onsen to Kawaji Onsen, hot springs can also be found throughout the area. There are a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy as well, such as stand-up paddleboarding in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.

Seasons in Tochigi