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Nasu Highland Park Official Hotel

If you’re staying overnight in Nasu Highland (Tochigi Prefecture), stay at Nasu Highland TOWA PURE COTTAGES. Everything including fun, relaxation, and food is found amid the great outdoors of Nasu Highland at this cottage-style hotel where you can relax to your heart’s content. Each cottage has a fireplace made in Northern Europe and a rich variation of living rooms offering a comfortable setting with a spacious feel that promises an all-out resort lifestyle. Pet-friendly guest rooms allow you to sleep with your pets so you can spend the entire restful time with your furry friend. After experiencing the magnificent nature of Nasu, you can choose from a Western-style, Japanese-style, or barbecue dinner meticulously prepared with local ingredients by the chef. In addition, the large bath and open-air bath with natural, free-flowing hot spring water will gently envelop you in soft hot water for a full-body experience that soothes and promotes beautiful skin. As the official cottages for the neighboring Nasu Highland Park, there are a variety of perks, including being able to enjoy Nasu Forest Sky Athletic NOZARU, one of Japan’s largest adventure courses, as well as a dog run, tennis, karaoke, and glamping. The swaying of the trees and tranquil experience unique to a resort provide the ultimate in relaxation that can’t be experienced in the metropolis. Glamping is also available The word ‘glamping’ is a combination of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping.’ The setting lets you fully enjoy the great outdoors even if you are new to outdoor activities such as camping. Not only is there a bed and sofa inside the tent, but a refrigerator, electric power, and other furnishings necessary for a comfortable experience are also included. Meals can be eaten at the hotel restaurant. Guests can choose from Japanese-style meals, Western-style meals, or a barbecue. The barbecue can be eaten out on the terrace, so you can enjoy the delicious food in comfort while immersed in the nature of Nasu. Don’t miss viewing the thrilling starry sky and fireflies in summer, experiences you could never have in the big city. Glamping can provide a unique hands-on experience that ordinary camping can’t, such as spending precious time with a special someone and creating family memories to look back on.

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Basic Information

Address 3375 Takakuotsu, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi 325-0303
Telephone Number 0287-78-1164
Website http://www.pure-cottages.jp/
Time Changes by season (closed in winter)
See the website for more details.
Map Code 548 536 432*23

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