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Ashio Copper Mine

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A 700-metre long underground mine museum with a 400-year history

With a 400-year history, Ashio Copper Mine is a tourist attraction built out of the industrial remains of what used to be the largest copper mine in Japan. A trolley train transports visitors 700 metres underground to displays of the mine’s chronology and history and demonstrations of the harsh working conditions through life-like wax figures. You can learn more about this industrial property at the three on-site museums including the copper museum with displays of traditional copper processing methods. Then relax at the traditional cafe or enjoy a leisurely walk along the nearby Watarase River.

Between 1610 and 1868, the copper mined here was an important resource for the prosperity of the nation. It was used to produce tiles for castles and shrines and was exported to China and the Netherlands. Among the coins of the years 1600 to 1867, coins produced in Ashio were known as “Ashiji-sen” with the Chinese character of “Ashi (foot)” on the back. Today the coin-shaped local Japanese sweet “Ashiji-sen Monaka” is a popular souvenir.

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Basic Information

Address 9-2 Tsudo, Ashio-machi Nikko
Telephone Number 0288-93-3240
Website https://www.visitnikko.jp/en/spots/ashio-copper-mine/
Business Hours Open 9am - 4:30pm
Days Closed for Business Open every day
Price Adult 830 yenChildren (6-15 years old) 410 yen
Map Code 489 758 545*30

Nikko Area

The Nikko area, in the northwestern part of the prefecture, is particularly mountainous. In the midst of the rich nature, including the 2,486-meter-high volcano Mt. Nantai, Lake Chuzenji, and Kegon Falls, there are numerous shrines and temples that are registered as UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites. From Kinugawa Onsen to Kawaji Onsen, hot springs can also be found throughout the area. There are a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy as well, such as stand-up paddleboarding in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.

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