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Steam Locomotives in Mooka

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The locomotive nicknamed “Cotton Way”

Since its debut as the nation’s first local line in 1912, the Mooka line has operated daily. Two models of Mooka steam locomotive run on weekends and holidays when many tourists come to see them working as they have for 100 years. In spring, the railway track is almost wrapped in pink cherry blossoms and the ground a shade of yellow with the spreading rapeseed field. The colour contrast attracts many photographers.

Location Map

Basic Information

Address 2474-1 Daimachi, Mooka-city, Tochigi (Mooka Railway)
Telephone Number 0285-84-2911
Website http://www.moka-railway.co.jp/
Business Hours SL operated on weekends and holidaysShimodate to Mogi (outbound) depart Shimodate station at 10:35Mogi to Shimodate (inbound) depart Mogi station at 14:28
Price SL numbered tickets and tickets ( For more information, please see the Moka Railway website.)

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Eastern Area

The eastern area is famous for its abundant flowers and traditional Mashiko pottery. Seasonal charms welcome tourists throughout the year with flowers such as cherry blossoms and wisterias in spring and some of the nation’s most beautiful autumn foliage.

Seasons in Tochigi