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Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Stops) Utsunomiya Romantic Village

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Sample and compare a great variety of local beers!

This Roadside Rest Stops offering a farming and forest experience, dog park, hot spring, pool, and accommodation. Tochigi Prefecture has the largest production of two-rowed barley – an ingredient used to make beer. Romantic village’s brewery has a full lineup of beers including staple original beers, the Mugitaro brand, and Gyoza Roman, a beer that pairs well with Gyoza .Be sure to try a freshly brewed one!

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Basic Information

Address 254 Hei, Nissato-machi, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi
Telephone Number 028-665-8800
Website http://www.romanticmura.com/
Business Hours 08:30-18:00 (depending on the facilities)
Restaurant 10:00-18:00
Agri & Spa 10:00-21:00
Days Closed for Business the second Tuesdays (except Bank holidays, in which case closed the next working day)
※Temporary closed for the inspection during the winter season
Price Agri Spa:adult 1,020yen,Middle school students 510yen,3 years old ~ elementary school student 460yen
Yudokoro Agri :adult 510yen,Middle school students 250yen,3 years old ~ elementary school student 200yen
Date Recommended seasons: rape blossoms picking (April to early May), herb picking (June), potato digging (July), sweet corn harvesting (August), herb picking (October), sweet potato digging (late October), strawberry picking (late December to late April)
DIRECTIONS 35 minutes from JR Utsunomiya Station by buses bound for Romantic Village to last bus stop.
Map Code 132 474 536*60

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Central Area

Utsunomiya, the most populous city in Tochigi, is about an hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen, and serves as a major transportation hub for the different regions of the prefecture. In addition to being known for its famous Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings), Utsunomiya is called the “city of jazz and cocktails”, as there are numerous venues for hearing live jazz music, and the bartenders are quite skilled, so there are plenty of options for enjoyable nightlife.

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