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2023 Subsidy Program for the creation of Tochigi Prefecture Inbound Travel Products

Tochigi Prefecture is implementing a program that will subsidize part of the expenses related to the creation and sales of inbound travel products from overseas countries that visit Tochigi Prefecture.


Subsidies for the creation and sales of inbound travel products from overseas countries that visit Tochigi Prefecture

Subsidy Recipients

Travel Agency that is registered under Article 3 or Article 23 of the Travel Agency Act that conducts tours for inbound tourists from overseas countries.
※Limited to business with sales offices in Japan

Application Period

April 17, 2023 to February 26, 2024

Travel Period

April 28, 2023 to March 11, 2024


All of the following conditions must be met for each travel tour from overseas countries visiting Tochigi Prefecture.
・The tour must have 2 nights or more stay at an accomodation facility in Tochigi Prefecture.
・The tour must use paid tourist facilities (including restaurants, etc.) in two or more Tochigi Prefecture areas (Nikko, Nasu, Central Tochigi, East Tochigi, and South Tochigi).
・The tour must include at least 10 participants or more.
・The tour must be concluded by the last day of the travel period (April 28, 2023 – March 11, 2024).
※ For more information, please check our official website or the guidelines.


Subsidies will be provided per travel participant as shown in the table below. Maximum receivable subsidy amounts per tour are specified in the table below.

Subsidy TypeConditionsSubsidy AmountMaximum amount
(per tour)
Basic SubsidySame as above10,000 yen × Number of Participants1,000,000 yen
Additional SubsidyMust use a chartered bus operated by a bus company that has a head office or branch office in Tochigi Prefecture2,500 yen × Number of Participants250,000 yen

※The maximum receivable subsidy amount per company is capped at 4,000,000 yen regardless of the above.
※The subsidy program will end once the allocated budget has been reached.

How to Apply

Please download an application form from our official website and submit it to our Bureau by email (tochigi_hounichi@nta.co.jp).

Official Website



Inquiries ※Only available in Japanese

Tochigi Prefecture Travel Product Creation Subsidy Program Bureau (in Nippon Travel Agency Utsunomiya Branch)
email: tochigi_hounichi@nta.co.jp
Phone: 028-346-4171
Inquiries are to be submitted by email, except in urgent cases.
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Japan Standard Time)
Closed weekends, holidays,and Year-End holidays